A Journey of 4,000 miles for life-saving surgery and Brain Tumour Research

Thomson & Bancks is supporting the “Long Road to Ghana”, an event that will be raising funds for a child’s life-saving surgery as well as important research into brain tumours.

Supporting the “Long Road to Ghana” was chosen by the T&B Stratford-Upon-Avon team as their charitable event of the year. A community of friends in and around Shipston, led by local GP Dr David Williams, will be covering a combined distance of 4,000 miles—the equivalent of the journey from Shipston to Akatsi, Ghana.

We’re encouraging contributions to this event that supports not one but two worthy causes.

The first cause is the funding (through the specialist charity Willing and Abel) of an upcoming second round of vital surgery for Ethan Suglo, a five-year-old boy from Ghana who suffers from a severe abdominal defect.

The second cause is Brain Tumour Research, this cause was chosen in honour of a beloved Shipston local who passed away to the disease.

About Ethan

In 2016, Ethan Suglo was brought to the UK to treat a life-threatening abdominal defect that means many of his vital organs are outside of his stomach lining.

This surgery, funded by the efforts of the same Shipston community led by Dr Williams, saved Ethan’s life. Now, he needs more surgery so that he can have a normal life expectancy.

This surgery, due to take place at the John Radcliffe Hospital in June 2018, is being funded through the charity Willing and Abel. Willing and Abel helps children in developing nations get the healthcare they need from specialist centres, including visas, passports and transportation.

About Brain Tumour Research

Following the loss of a local friend to a brain tumour, it was decided that Long Road to Ghana will also be helping to fund Brain Tumour Research, a national charity dedicated to funding scientific research into finding a cure for brain tumours.

Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other form, but currently only receive 1% of national cancer research funding. Brain Tumour Research’s goal is to change that by building a network of experts dedicated to researching a cure, as well as influencing national spend into brain tumour research.

Get Involved!

Long Road to Ghana is encouraging anyone who can to get involved and active in contributing to the challenge. Cyclists, runners, walkers, swimmers and canoeists are needed to contribute towards the 4,000 mile total.

Miles can be accumulated by everyday means, and every contribution counts. Find out more about how you can get in touch by visiting the official FaceBook page at

You can also donate directly by going to


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