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Back the Babes in their challenge

April 28, 2016

Thomson & Bancks colleagues Karen Lalegname, Sylvia Gillham, Hayley Tomkins, Sally McFadden and Louise Thompson are uniting against breast cancer and participating in walk the walk.

The TBS Girls, aptly now named the Thomson & Bancks Babes will be walking a 26.2 mile walk around London’s Clapham Common starting at midnight, Saturday 14th May and there’s a twist! The babes will be wearing customised bras with fun-enthused designs.

We’re not talking about bras over t-shirts because let’s face it, that’s not a good look. We’re talking about bras in all their glorious technicolour splendour, adorned with feathers and flowers, sequins and stars. The ‘bras only’ rule is perhaps walk the walks most unique trademark and the TBS Babes want to turn heads and raise money in an exuberant fashion.

Walk the Walk is a grant making charity that raises money for vital breast cancer causes. They have already invested millions of pounds into ground-breaking research projects as well as supporting those that have cancer now.




Dig deep and sponsor the babes’ walk for breast cancer awareness today! Find our donation tins on our branch’s receptions or go to the Moon Walk London website.

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