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August 2017 – Blog on Road Victims Awareness Month – August 2017

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National Road Victim Month is held annually in August to remember people that have been killed or injured on our roads. As well as remembering people that have been lost and injured, it is also a great opportunity to raise awareness to make our roads safer.

I live in Bristol and like many others, when our first Mayor introduced a flat 20mph inner City speed limit a couple of years ago, I complained bitterly about our cars not being built to travel in 2nd gear and it being unworkable. However, I have since eaten humble pie following an attendance at a ‘Speed Awareness’ course.

Being a lifelong learner (& liking the idea of avoiding penalty points on my licence), I relished the opportunity of spending the afternoon in the classroom. Unlike the younger generation, I did not have to sit a theory exam to obtain a driving licence and so was impressed with the content which was potted down for us with videos and participation exercises.

The most important message was about stopping distances; did you know the average car driving at 20 mph will travel just 20 feet before coming to a complete stop, however a car travelling at 40 mph will take 80 feet to come to a stop? Also, the survival rates reduce significantly for you and pedestrians if a crash were to happen;

  • If you reduce your speed by just 1mph, your chances of being involved in a serious accident falls by 5%.
  • If you hit a child while driving at 40mph – you’ll probably kill the child
  • If you hit a child while driving at 30mph – the child has an 80% chance of surviving
  • If you hit a child while driving at 20mph – the child will probably suffer minor injuries but survive

This is why it’s SO important not to exceed the speed limit!

Needless to say, I am now proud to travel at 20mph in our residential streets and not break the national speed limit on the motorways or A Roads, not only for safety reasons but also for environmental ones. Air pollution is linked to 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK.

Revving engines creates unnecessary air pollution so smooth and slow acceleration up until a travelling speed of 20mph, rather than flooring the accelerator and having sharp ‘start/stops’, keeps our Cities cleaner and safer. We all can make a difference, whatever City or village we live in!

Get involved in the subject at #NationalRoadVictimsMonth or visit the RoadPeace website.  #airquality  #airpollution

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Lucy Sherry, Solicitor-Advocate; Head of Medical Negligence specialises in medical negligence litigation, previously representing the NHS Litigation Authority and one of the GP Unions. Lucy now works with injured individuals and bereaved families to achieve compensation for adverse outcomes. Lucy has a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge, regularly delivering medico-legal training to lawyers, attending many hours of medical lectures each year to keep abreast of changes in treatments, and gaining an insight into new health and medical findings to share with Thomson & Bancks’ clients and visitors to this blog.

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