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Continuing measures to mitigate against COVID-19

July 21, 2021

No visitors with symptoms will be admitted to our offices at any time. Visitors should call ahead to make an appointment.

The welfare of our clients, colleagues and their families is our first thought to maintain a covid free working environment.

For your reassurance, everyone in our offices is required to accept and follow common-sense hygiene practices and to avoid close contact and handshaking. Clients and staff who are unwell should not enter our buildings for the sake of the health of other people. Staff who are at home because of their own illness or their exposure to infected people will often still be able to work from home.

Where it is possible to substitute a client meeting with a phone call or a video conference we will try to reduce personal contact  in our workplace.

If an outbreak results in an office closure at any location we will take steps to enable the remainder of the firm to function and to serve all clients of the firm. We can take comfort in the fact that all of our telephone and computer systems are networked and we can take calls at any one of our four offices for any of our other offices. Our computers in the cloud benefit from significant security and are accessible with identified equipment from anywhere with an internet access. We are well placed to be able to continue to deliver our services.

We can be contacted via email or phone in the usual way and this should continue even if some of the team are working from home. External calls to our main office numbers can be forwarded to staff working at other offices or from home. Letters and documents may be sent and received as pdf attachments to emails to save the need for print and post.

The future is uncertain for many individuals, families and businesses.  If you experience some delay in having calls answered or emails responded to we are sorry and ask you to tolerate some inconsistency in our speed of response which is likely to be due to staff absences. If you do not hear from us promptly, please do follow up with a call or an email to draw attention to your needs. We will add news and user information to our web site as events develop.

We remain entirely confident that we have the systems, lawyers and support staff in three counties to enable us to continue to deliver our services with the local, trusted and dedicated values that we are known for.  Please ensure that your health status and contact requirements are known to us and are updated whenever anything changes.  For security and data protection please make sure that the details we have about you are verified by more than one method – in writing and by telephone – and be aware that we may ask for additional verification from you on some occasions to ensure that data privacy continues to be protected.

Paul N. Johnson

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