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Gloucestershire Young Carers – Cheltenham office’s supported charity for 2018

January 25, 2018


We feel that giving back to the Gloucestershire community is important, and as a result Thomson & Bancks select a different local charity to support each year. This year the Cheltenham branch has unanimously decided to support Gloucestershire Young Carers.

It is estimated there are around 7000 young carers in the UK, i.e. people under the age of 18 who provide regular care and/or emotional support to a family member. Until very recently, it’s an important area that hasn’t been properly acknowledged, especially considering the age of the average young carer is just 12 years old. Gloucestershire Young Carers do a fantastic job of providing much needed support to these young children. Their key services include providing information and advice to ensure family members receive the help they need, taking some of the pressure off young carers. G.Y.C. also organise group support sessions, where young carers can learn how to better look after their own well-being while sharing experiences and making friends.

Throughout the year we’ll be holding fundraisers to support G.Y.C.’s cause. For now, you can learn more about them and contribute to this fantastic organisation on their website.


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