It is difficult to go through life without some things going wrong. Other people, businesses, or government departments can come in to conflict with us. In some cases the problem is about money and property, in other cases it may concern rights responsibilities and obligations.

As Solicitors our job is to identify the type of problem that you have and to offer you solid and sensible advice to deal with the issues or to help you use the law to fight for what you are entitled to, or to defend you against the claims made by others.

The cases that we deal with are many and varied. For example, we can deal with boundary and property claims such as those concerning rights of way, access and ownership disputes. We can deal with disputes over inheritance and probate, dealing family and friends over a will or an estate. Goods that you have bought or services you receive may be defective and you may need our help to recover compensation for breach of contract or negligence. There could be a family business or a Partnership in which you have claims and need our help to untangle the problems. You may be a landlord wanting to recover premises from a tenant who has failed to pay rent. Perhaps you are owed a debt and you need to recover it. In some circumstances we may be able to negotiate or mediate with your opponent and may avoid taking matters to court. Although we can successfully settle many cases, our Solicitors represent our clients in the Counts when the circumstances require it. If our clients conduct their own cases, we provide advice when requested.

We are concerned to help you and our ethos is You Matter to Us. We have knowledgeable Solicitors who have wide experience of many different types of private and commercial disputes. Our Solicitors are local, trusted and dedicated and whether your case is simple or complex we will advise in plain English. You can talk to us in complete confidence and speak to a member of our team who will help identify the nature of you problem and how we might help you. We do not charge you for making an enquiry by phone or email and we are always clear if there is any cost before you take further steps.

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