Cauda Equina Syndrome Claims

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Cauda Equina Syndrome Claims

Spinal stenosis is a condition where the space around the spinal cord (the spinal column) narrows, compressing a section of nerve tissue. The main symptoms of spinal stenosis are pain, numbness, weakness and a tingling sensation in one or both legs. This can make walking difficult and painful.

Cauda Equina Syndrome is a rare and severe type of spinal stenosis where all of the nerves in the lower back suddenly become severely compressed. This causes a range of problems, including numbness in the skin around the anus (back passage), not being able to pass water or control your bladder (urinary incontinence) and a loss of bowel control (bowel incontinence).

The exclusion of a surgically treatable cause can often only be made with specialist imaging, most commonly an MRI scan. It is rare; between 6-10 per million population. Once diagnosed, Cauda Equina Syndrome is a ‘Spinal Emergency’ and requires emergency surgery because the longer it goes untreated, the greater the chance it will lead to permanent paralysis and incontinence.

Many patients delay in presentation to health care professionals as they do not recognise the significance of their symptoms, especially when they have suffered with back pain and sciatica for many years. Further delay in obtaining specialist spinal care can result in devastating disability but a timely referral to a Spinal Surgeon after a thorough assessment may result in better outcomes for patients.

However, this often happens at a GP Surgery where back pain is the number one reason to attend the Surgery and so the symptoms are not fully appreciated or in A&E departments, who are dealing with what appears to be worse conditions because they are acute and often involve blood flow.

At Thomson & Bancks, our medical negligence specialists will deal sensitively and efficiently with your claim for compensation or that brought on behalf of a loved one’s Estate. The civil law attempts to place people back in the same place as they would have been had they not been injured by a medical mistake or left untreated so they have not fully recovered as they should have done.

Where that is not possible, an increasing amount of damages are payable for where the consequences have been more serious for you. Also, financial losses caused by the injury or non-recovery of your condition are claimable, for instance, if you are not able to return to work or require extra services because of a resulting disability which would have been avoided had there been no negligence.

If you or your family have been affected by medical negligence, please call our specialist Solicitor, Lucy Sherry, on 01242 235250 to find out if you may have a claim. We will offer you a first free interview to learn about the next steps and our ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements for funding your legal claim.

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