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MRSA Claims And Superbugs Claims

MRSA and C. Diff are infectious bacteria that are ultra-resistant to antibiotics and are most commonly found in hospitals, although are prevalent in the outside world now. MRSA can naturally live on the skin of a certain percentage of the population without causing any problem. However, if a person has an open wound, such as a cannula site or a surgical incision, MRSA can make its’ way into the wound, causing localised infection or, at worst, blood poisoning and death. MRSA can even be introduced into the wound by the poor hand hygiene techniques of health professionals.

Patients with weak immune systems such as cancer sufferers, the elderly or premature babies, are particularly vulnerable. C. Diff causes severe diarrhoea, while MRSA can lead to boils, blood poisoning, meningitis or pneumonia.

It is vital that Hospitals diagnose antibiotic-resistant infections quickly and treat them effectively, as well as control the outbreak. If they have failed in this regard or staff or the Hospital’s poor levels of cleanliness have caused the disease to be contracted, then we may be able to assist.

At Thomson & Bancks, our medical negligence specialists will deal sensitively and efficiently with your claim for compensation or that brought on behalf of a loved one’s Estate. The civil law attempts to place people back in the same place as they would have been had they not been injured by a medical mistake or left untreated so they have not fully recovered as they should have done.

Where that is not possible, an increasing amount of damages are payable for where the consequences have been more serious for you. Also, financial losses caused by the injury or non-recovery of your condition are claimable, for instance, if you are not able to return to work or require extra services because of a resulting disability which would have been avoided had there been no negligence.

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