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Unlike physical examination of patients or findings at surgery or endoscopy, evidence of a radiologic examination remains available for subsequent scrutiny by our radiologist experts. A 20-year literature review in 2001 suggested the level of error for clinically significant or major error in radiology is in the range 2-20% and varies depending on the radiological investigation.

A recent review found a “real-time” error rate among radiologists in their day-to-day practices averages 3-5%, but also quoted previous research showing that in patients subsequently diagnosed with lung or breast cancer with previous “normal” relevant radiologic studies, retrospective review of the chest radiographs (in the case of lung cancer) or mammogram (in breast cancer cases) identified the lung cancer in as many as 90% and the breast cancer in as many as 75% of cases.

You will normally be made aware of an error in radiological scan review by a later treating doctor who orders a re-scan or further investigation because of continuing symptoms which reveals the underlying cause which is clear to you all ought to have been picked up earlier by the radiologist. Further, there is a duty of candour in place for medics to notify patients or recall them when an error has been made.

Sadly, the results of a misreading of an x-ray, MRI, ultra-sound or CT scan can be devastating. Missed fractures can result in mis-healing of bones so an operation to re-break them and/or add metalwork to fix them is needed with all of the associated risks of surgery. In cancer or other disease cases, it can mean a delayed diagnosis with much worse prognosis or treatment to undergo to cure something which could have been put right earlier without the same level of pain and suffering.

At Thomson & Bancks, our medical negligence specialists will deal sensitively and efficiently with your claim for compensation or that brought on behalf of a loved one’s Estate. The civil law attempts to place people back in the same place as they would have been had they not been injured by a medical mistake or left untreated so they have not fully recovered as they should have done.

Where that is not possible, an increasing amount of damages are payable for where the consequences have been more serious for you. Also, financial losses caused by the injury or non-recovery of your condition are claimable, for instance, if you are not able to return to work or require extra services because of a resulting disability which would have been avoided had there been no negligence.

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