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Wills & Inheritance Tax Planning

You may assume that everything you own at your death will go to your husband, wife or partner, or perhaps you believe you have nothing to leave anyway. The fact is, without a Will, the Intestacy Rules say who gets what and put simply your property may not go to those who you wish to receive it. If you care about who benefits from your property after your death you MUST make a Will.

A Will is a statement of your wishes, to take effect on your death, which remains changeable until then. In a Will you are exercising choice over who is to benefit and a variety of other matters, for example appointing executors, trustees and guardians, tax considerations and directions for your funeral.

Our work is based on an uncompromising commitment to you and your needs. We understand that you want a responsive, personal and affordable service. We offer all of these things together with experience, sound judgment and attention to detail.

If you make a Will, you could save a fortune and get your own back on the tax man! Ask for our advice and we will talk you through the issues and your options.

As can be appreciated this is a highly complex field and requires specialist help from a Solicitor. If you believe your estate is likely to be taxable or have recently had a death in the family and feel Inheritance Tax advice may be required, our wills and inheritance solicitors will be happy to discuss the alternatives that may be open to you.

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