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October 2018 – Blog on Baby Loss Awareness Week; 9-15 October 2018

Baby Loss Awareness Week (9-15 October) is a collaboration between more than 60 charities across the UK, aims to raise awareness about the key issues affecting those who have experienced pregnancy or baby loss in the UK. Throughout the week, bereaved parents, their families and friends, unite with others across the world to commemorate the lives of babies who died during pregnancy, at or soon after birth and in infancy.

Thomson & Bancks Solicitors are supporting The Foundation for Infant Loss which has been established for the last decade supporting bereaved families. The Foundation for Infant Loss is headed by Chief Executive Chantal Lockey, an international trainer and consultant who is also a bereaved mother herself.

The Foundation also works with training professionals in issues surrounding Pregnancy and Infant Loss. The clinical negligence team at Thomson & Bancks Solicitors have received this worldwide accredited training in supporting parents following an infant loss. My team work with many bereaved parents and we requested additional training from the Foundation so that we could ensure a high level of understanding and care.

Thomson & Bancks Solicitors are proud to be the only trained and accredited firm in Gloucestershire by the Foundation and our details have been added to their Baby Loss Directory.

The directory covers links to the following areas:

  • Funeral Directors who are experienced with infant loss
  • Funeral Celebrants
  • Signposting to financial assistance for an infant’s funeral
  • Loan of a Cold or Cuddle cot so families can take their baby home
  • Loss Doulas
  • Memory Boxes
  • Angel Gowns
  • Bereavement Photography
  • Child-specific funeral suppliers
  • Resources for a child’s funeral
  • Infant loss trained Counselling professionals
  • Support with subsequent pregnancies after loss
  • Legal Issues
  • Employment Rights following a pregnancy or infant loss

In April 2018, the Foundation for Infant Loss launched its Nationwide Baby loss Helpline. They support families and signpost them to anything from getting financial assistance for a baby’s funeral, information relating to legal issues or finding a counselling provision.

Now in its 16th year, Baby Loss Awareness Week calls for tangible improvements in research, care and policy around bereavement support. Every year, thousands of people in the UK are affected by the death of a baby or experience pregnancy loss. Pregnancy and baby loss is often a taboo subject so we are being asked to break the silence and display specially designed social media images on websites, social media, work intranet or noticeboard.

On 15 October at 7 pm, join families across the world in remembering all babies that have died too soon. Light a candle or join virtually, by posting a photo of your candle with #WaveOfLight

Buy your Baby Loss Awareness Ribbon Pin Badge to support families affected by the death of a baby or ask whether your local library, doctor’s surgery, hospital or workplace would be happy to host a Remembrance Wall/Tree and display for Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Bereaved parents can email The Foundation for Infant Loss:

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