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Two years on, the story of our Stratford-upon-Avon office

April 2, 2020


It really is true what they say: as you get older time does go by quicker.

If you ask any member of Thomson & Bancks staff how long we have had our office in Stratford-upon-Avon, they would say maybe a year, but in reality it is now two years since Davies Murray-White became Thomson & Bancks. Although it doesn’t feel that long, it also feels as though the staff in Stratford-upon-Avon have been a part of the Thomson & Bancks family forever.

Davies Murray-White

When Davies Murray-White Solicitors in Stratford-upon-Avon joined with Thomson & Bancks Solicitors in April 2018, Jonathan Davies, who was one of the three Partners of Davies Murray-White became a Partner in Thomson & Bancks upon the practices coming together. Jonathan’s fellow Partners of Davies Murray-White, Nicholas Murray-White and Robert Davies kindly remained with Thomson & Bancks until Christmas 2019, when they began a well-earned retirement from many years of service to their clients.

The existing staff of Davies Murray-White joined Thomson & Bancks when the two firms came together two years ago, and their initial support during the transition and continuing support now is hugely appreciated by the partners of Thomson & Bancks. The changes made and systems we use would not have run so smoothly without it.

Our Stratford-upon-Avon team

Since our beginning, the existing staff have been joined by new team members in the Stratford-upon-Avon office, enabling us to grow our services to both individual and business clients in the Warwickshire area. While they have joined us as Thomson & Bancks, they still needed to be familiar with Davies Murray-White to assist the longstanding local clients, and their willingness to do so compliments the Thomson & Bancks ethos “You matter to us” perfectly.

Thomson & Bancks Solicitors has clients around the world, but in particular, in North Gloucestershire, South Worcestershire and South Warwickshire. Legal firms, like other professionals and service businesses, have a “brand” and we are thankful that our common values and ethics are assured across the firm.

While we shall undoubtedly be drawing upon the knowledge of recently retired partners, the firm continues to rejuvenate itself. With the addition of young and accomplished lawyers and support staff, we are keen to maintain the good name of the firm for integrity and value for money services.

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