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Your first contact with us is without obligation. In a first telephone conversation, or when responding to enquires by email, or to you in person at our offices, we will try and identify your requirements and explain if we can help, what the next steps would be and whether there will be any charge made for taking those further steps.

If you already know that you want a specific service, such as our help to buy or sell a house we can almost always provide you with a prompt quotation for the expected fee. For wills and similar services we can outline our range of fixed fees and you may want to receive our advice on the type of future service you require. Some work, such as personal injury or medical negligence claims, can be accepted on “no win no fee” style terms, subject to the circumstances of the case. Most other work can be undertaken on the basis of fees agreed with you in advance, for specific steps or charged at an hourly rate as you decide.

You are in control. We will do work to the value you agree and you can pay as you go.  If there is a risk of paying more we will explain. We know that nobody wants to face hidden fees and it is important to us that there is no mystery or embarrassment about the charges that we make.

‘You Matter To Us’ and we would expect no less of a commitment, if we were the clients and we were instructing Solicitors.

Call now or fill in our enquiry form, and our staff will direct to one of our team to enable us to get the flavour of your enquiry and to suggest how we can help you go forward.

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